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We're at the side of those who need it most

We work to give opportunities to those living in poverty.

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    For people going through difficult times, living in a situation of poverty or social exclusion


    Helping people when they need it most is what we do every single day.

    We work in collaboration with social organisations to reach as many people in need as possible: children, families and people at risk of social exclusion who need support and resources to overcome the toughest moments.


    CaixaProinfancia: This programme of support for children and families promotes the social and educational development of children in poverty.

    School CiberCaixa: We provide a fun, educational environment that complements the school life of children from families with difficulties and we also help their families to balance their work and private lives.

    Fundación de la Esperanza: Every day we strive to share the realities faced by the most disadvantaged in society and help them to achieve a decent, fair life.

    Call for applications for grants to combat poverty and social exclusion: We promote projects that foster the comprehensive promotion and development of vulnerable people and those living in poverty.

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Alma, la red social social

martes, 17 sep. 2019

El futuro tiene forma de patio de cole

“Que las matemáticas sean más divertidas y el patio, más grande.” Estos son los deseos de Walid, un niño de 11 años que acaba de empezar su curso escolar con alegría y que ha recibido uno de los kits de material escolar de CaixaProinfancia.

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  • 50 million euros invested the programme to combat child poverty

  • 54 education and play centres for children to use outside school hours and during their holidays