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We assist people at the end of their lives

Attention, advice and support for people with advanced diseases and their relatives.

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    Through of this programme, endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), we complement the actions carried out by the public administration in the area of palliative care and care for the critically ill in Spain.

    • We raise awareness so that people realise what palliative care means and help them understand the features particular to the end of life.

    • We promote new kinds of action in the area of palliative care.

    • We provide comprehensive care for people with advanced diseases and their families.

    Since it began, the Programme has attended more than 150,000 patients and 200,000 relatives.


    Helping those suffering from advanced diseases and their relatives.


    The heart of the programme is made up of the Psychosocial Care Teams (EAPS). Comprising over 220 professionals, they're trained and prepared to provide warm, sensitive and humane palliative care to sick people and their families. 

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Alma, la red social social

miércoles, 11 dic. 2019

El arte del buen morir
con Francesc Torralba

Para el filósofo y teólogo Francesc Torralba, las religiones son grandes relatos de carácter simbólico que infunden esperanza cuando la vida se nos va. Conversamos con él sobre la importancia de una atención integral en los últimos momentos.

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  • 25,507 patients attended in 2018

  • 42 psychosocial care teams

  • 128 hospitals have this Programme