The elderly, our most valuable asset

They represent the memory of our past, our present and a fundamental basis for building our future.


    Abuse of the elderly is an emerging, universal problem prevalent throughout the world.

    Its prevention is a matter of human rights and solidarity in society. As this is a new, widespread but complex phenomenon it needs to be tackled jointly with the public administration, and the "la Caixa" Foundation focuses on three broad areas:

    • Training.

    • Raising awareness.

    • Action.


    • Training is aimed at the elderly and also at professionals in close contact with them.

    • The awareness-raising campaign is aimed at society at large and the elderly.

    • The line of action is aimed at professionals working with the elderly.


    Via the Violence: Zero Tolerance and Elderly programmes we provide professionals and the elderly with tools to prevent, detect and act against abuse, through the following:

    Training professionals

    Aimed at different groups in close contact with the elderly, to promote respectful behaviour and provide them with tools to identify and detect cases and acquire the knowledge and skills required to take action. 

    Activities aimed at the elderly 

    Awareness-raising campaign starring the elderly themselves. Talks and workshops are held to provide them with tools to detect and take action in situations of risk.

    Raising awareness

    To raise awareness, reveal concealed cases, offer resources and promote respect, the campaign is aimed at the elderly and the population at large.


    A pilot scheme is underway for an action that consists of setting up a specialist committee to monitor the protocol for implementation at a regional level, with the participation of all the organisations and agents involved locally in helping the elderly.

    The aim of this pilot scheme is to produce a guide to help replicate the model at the level of autonomous community.

  • A programme to train, raise awareness and act against abuse of the elderly

  • 1.913 professionals have been trained since 2012

  • 644 professionals have been trained since 2015