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We bring solidarity to those who need it

We are committed to creating a better society with equal opportunities for everyone.

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    The ”la Caixa” Volunteers Association was set up in 2015. With backing from CaixaBank and the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation, we now have over 10,000 volunteers, both current and retired employees of the institution, as well as family members, friends and customers who form part of it and take part in charity activities.

    All of the actions we carry out as part of the programme are aimed at promoting values we deem fundamental, such as solidarity, cooperation, respect and commitment. We are people who think that it is necessary to get involved in social work and to help out social groups that are at a disadvantage.


    All current and retired employees of ”la Caixa” and their family and friends, as well as customers, who want to form part of the Volunteers Association, working on a charitable basis and promoting volunteering through different one-off or on-going activities. If you’re interested, you can sign up using the following form:


    The work we do is planned by over 30 departments all across Spain, which are in charge of prioritising charity work. We carry out both on-going actions throughout the year as well as one-off ones, always for a charitable purpose.

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Alma, la red social social

miércoles, 30 ene. 2019

El niño que reía cuando montaba a caballo

Cuando Rupert Isaacson vio a su hijo con autismo riendo por primera vez al subirse a un caballo, pensó que se trataba de un milagro. Hoy en día, las terapias ecuestres cambian muchas vidas y a ello contribuyen varios voluntarios de ”la Caixa”.

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  • Over 2,000 activities each year

  • Over 10,000 volunteers

  • Over 30 Departments